To what extent is hoarding affecting your life?

Hoarding syndrome is identified through the observation of 3 characteristics:

  • difficulty discarding,
  • excessive clutter,
  • excessive acquisition.

“… it is clear that what a man calls me and what he simply calls mine the line is difficult to draw. We feel and act about certain things that are ours very much as we feel and act about ourselves.”

William James (1890) in the principles of psychology, p. 291.

Read more about Hoarding Disorder here.

Here is a test to evaluate the extent of the behavior in an individual. The purpose of all tests on this site is for education. Do not use this as a diagnosis of any sort.

If you or any person feels like the hoarding limits your daily function or affects your relationships, do seek the services of a licensed psychotherapist.

1.My home is so cluttered, that it restricts moving around through home.
2.The clutter prevents appropriate use of home. The home is more like a storage space.
3.Clutter prevents me from inviting people over.
4.The clutter interferes with my daily functioning.
5.What’s the extent of clutter?
6.I am having difficulty controlling over the clutter.
7.I am distressed by the clutter.
8.I have difficulty throwing things away.
9.I avoid discarding because of distress.
10.How distressing is discarding?
11.How strong is your urge to save?
12.I frequency of save things that are not needed.
13.I am not able to discard things.
14.I have an uncontrollable urge to save.
15.I feel compelled to acquire.
16.I have lack of control over urges to acquire .
17.I am distressed if can’t acquire .
18.I frequently of buy unneeded items.
19.I suffer financial difficulties from saving/buying.
20.I am distressed over my acquiring habits.

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