Psychological Test: Hypomania, Bipolar or Depression

Hypomania is, as the term implies, a minor form of mania. The occurrence of hypomania is more common than realized. As in a case study described Kets de Vries’ Reflections on Character and Leadershiphypomanic episodes are very common among people in our lives known to be exceeding high achievers, leaders and colleagues. Read case study here.

We may even be one of the many who “suffer” hypomanic episodes too. I put “suffer” in inverted commas because the episodes of hypomania do not feel like suffering. It is exhilarating and productive. So why are we concerned with hypomania?

Documentary about Bipolar Disorder:

Episodes of hypomania almost inadvertently leads the person to long spells of depression. These mood swings creates instability in the lives of the individual and strains relationships. In crisis situations, hypomania develops into mania, and depression leads to addictive or even suicidal behavior.

Here is a short questionnaire for self-reflection / reflection of the other. This is, however, not a diagnostic test. If you feel that your mood swings and/or that of your family members are affecting your lives, contact a mental health professional.


1.I tend to have grandiose ideas, and think I can do things other “lesser people cannot do”.
2.I make unrealistic plans, that I often cannot fulfill. I “bite more than I can chew”.
3.The result of my many judgments often end up disappointing.
4.People described me as being over-talkative.
5.When I need to talk to someone, I seek them out aggressively.
6.I feel often rejected by people. I think people might reject me.
7.When I am uncomfortable, I laugh it over and/or make jokes.
8.I verbalize only exaggerated feelings of well-being, to impress others how good I am doing.
9.I am lucky to be me, because of my abilities and how I look.
10.I am restless because the world is boring.
11.I freak out when I have to keep still. Doing exercises like meditation is impossible for me.
12.If I don’t get my way, I get irritated and aggressive. I don’t like people getting in my way.
13.I pride myself as being a multi-tasker. I can’t not do more than one thing at a time.
14.I have unlimited energy, unlike other people.
15.At times, I do not need much sleep (less than 3 hours in the night).
16.At times, I get sexually indiscrete, then later on regret it.
17.I take financial risks that potentially endanger my existence.
18.I compulsively overspend large sums of money.
19.I experience down days, when I feel bad about myself for feeling tired, unable to do things.
20.I experience the condition of Q. 19 for more than 2 weeks at a time.
21.I take drugs and/or alcohol to soothe myself.

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