Test: Fear of Being Judged By Others

One of the pillars of social anxiety disorder is the fear of being judged.  This test is certainly not diagnostic. It is meant for education purpose. If you have debilitating issues regarding social anxiety, do seek a professional’s services.

The fear of being judged is a positive aspect of human nature. This instinct holds us in good form within social groups in which we need to belong.  The balance between being fearful and being confident is necessary for daily functioning. Just as one can be impeded by exaggerated fear of being judged, there are also disorders in personality  (the extreme example is antisocial personality disorder) whereby no sense of fear or conscience is present.

1.I rarely worry about seeming foolish to others.
2.I worry about what people will think of me even when I know it doesn’t make any difference.
3.I become tense and jittery if I know someone is sizing me up.
4.I am unconcerned even if I know people are forming an unfavorable impression of me.
5.I feel very upset when I commit some social error.
6.The opinions that important people have of me cause me little concern.
7.I am often afraid that I may look ridiculous or make a fool of myself.
8.I react very little when other people disapprove of me.
9.I am frequently afraid of other people noticing my shortcomings.
10.The disapproval of others would have little effect on me.
11.If someone is evaluating me I tend to expect the worst.
12.I rarely worry about what kind of impression I am making on someone.
13.I am afraid that others will not approve of me.
14.I am afraid that people will find fault with me.
15.Other people’s opinions of me do not bother me.
16.I am not necessarily upset if I do not please someone.
17.When I am talking to someone, I worry about what they may be thinking about me.
18.I feel that you can’t help making social errors sometimes, so why worry about it.
19.I am usually worried about what kind of impression I make.
20.I worry a lot about what my superiors think of me.
21.If I know someone is judging me, it has little effect on me.
22.I worry that others will think I am not worthwhile.
23.I worry very little about what others may think of me.
24.Sometimes I think I am too concerned with what other people think of me.
25.I often worry that I will say or do the wrong things.
26.I am often indifferent to the opinions others have of me.
27.I am usually confident that others will have a favorableimpression of me.
28.I often worry that people who are important to me won’t think very much of me.
29.I brood about the opinions my friends have about me.
30.I become tense and jittery if I know I am beingj udged by my superiors.

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