Psychological test: Psychosis Symptom Check-list

Psychosis is a symptom, not a disease or illness. It happens more commonly than one would think. Most of us experience some kind of psychosis in our lives without us being aware of it. When it happens to others around us, and if we were acutely aware of the interaction, we may sense a kind of disconnect or a tension in the relationship.  Psychosis becomes a problem if it affects the ability of the otherwise physically healthy individual to live autonomously. Usually family members and care givers bear the brunt of having to support loved ones who have psychotic symptoms that get in the way of the psychotic individual’s daily function.  Sufferers who aren’t fortunate enough to get support, often end up impoverished.


This is an informal test for educational purpose. It is a means to consider if the symptom observed in yourself or someone you are close to resembles psychosis or pre-psychosis. Use it if you want to evaluate if you need to consult a mental health professional.

Important disclaimer: This test does not have scientific or empirical value, and should not be used to formally diagnose anybody!

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