Are You in a Relationship with Psychopathy

This is not a test for diagnosing people as psychopaths. It is, rather, a test for you, if you are in a relationship that feels confusing, and unpleasant. If the person you are living or working with sends you conflicting vibes: ecstatic to be in this relationship, being put on a pedestal on one hand, and being thrown into the ditch on another.

Sometimes it helps victims of abuse to have a name for it. Sometimes it could just be that the other person is being him/herself, and you have your own unresolved psychological issues. Whatever your reason may be, if you are here to use this test, I hope it is insightful.

1.This person stands out with his/her charm. You are taken in by it, but it seems also superficial.
2.This person displays him/herself in a grandiose manner. Shows off by means of wealth, looks, success.
3.This person doesn’t like to be alone, attention seeking, often looking for an audience.
4.This person has lied to you and other people on many occasions.
5.When this person ever expresses concern /sadness, it is short and quick, if at all.
6.This person has very little regard for the feelings for others, and is often cruel.
7.You observe how this person has made use of and even exploited you an others.
8.This person behaves as if rules does not apply to him/her.
9.This person is very ambitious, comes up with incredible goals.
10.This person is promiscuous.
11.This person does things impulsively.
12.When you are with this person, you feel like you are being controlled and manipulated.
13.You wonder how this person can sleep at night doing the things he/she does — without remorse.
14.Although this person is ambitious, he/she hardly puts in real effort, and avoids responsibility.
15.This person is having difficulty holding down a long term relationship.
16.This person has been arrested / in jail for crimes related to his/her current behavior.
17.You have witnessed this person abuse another person /or yourself.
18.This person controls the group/family and nobody dares to confront him/her.
19.You have experienced this person’s open rage.
20.This person has said some things that make you confused that you think you are crazy.

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