Anxiety and Panic Disorder Symptoms Test

This is a test for the description of different types of anxiety and panic disorder symptoms. It is a simple test and not exhaustive.

Anxiety is felt in the body. Heart palpitations, tightness in the chest, feeling like throwing up and that gut wrenching experience are all likely symptoms of anxiety. For most of us most of the time, these are normal part of our daily lives. We get by great with these feelings, because we know what the triggers of these feelings are. We are also aware that these bodily reactions are built into our bodies to protect us from potentially life-threatening situations. Some of us even like the adrenaline rush of anxiety so much that we go out of our way to “scare ourselves” by watching horror movies or doing adventure sports. Read more about anxiety symptoms.

1.You suddenly have had a rush of intense anxiety or fear. This is accompanied by a feeling of imminent misfortune.
2.You are afraid of or avoid certain places (eg department stores, motoring, crowds or tight closed spaces)?
3.You fear being in social situations, giving public speech, being around people, and avoid these situations.
4.You are afraid of certain animals, things, heights or flying, and this prevents you from doing some things.
5.You suffer from intrusive thoughts that prevent you from resting or sleeping.