Motivation to Complete Your Studies

A boost for your study motivation

Studying Motivation

Studying and learning can take you so far in life yet it can feel so hard to get down to it. Whether it’s college study or you need to be studying to advance your career; studying can be one of the most important things you’ll have to do.

Difficulty staying focussed on the assignments is the major complaint among students.

You can have all these distraction/displacement activities – stuff you do instead of getting down to studying or finishing your writing assignments.

“The moment I sit down to start on my essay, I feel like to doing something else… like feeding the cat or calling a friend,” says Maggie, 23.

Self-control is hard…

Practicing discipline and self-control is a logical step in getting anything done to completion. This is, however,  much easier said than done.

Oftentimes, pushing oneself with self-discipline is painful and futile. The experience can feel like swimming in a river against strong current. A the effort builds up, we feel overwhelmed and “drowned” in the  work.

Getting to know the currents you’re swimming against makes you more productive

A swimmer who takes time to study the current before he/she gets in the water saves him/herself the stress of the fight against opposing forces.

Similarly, if you’re finding yourself fighting with getting important things done, it is well worth the effort to consider this: What are the opposing currents that keep you from the tasks?

To find the answer, is to work towards awareness of the self.

If you’re working alone, do some meditation before embarking on the task. Feel deeply in your body for points of tension and stress. Breath into these parts, and try to relax. If memories or flashbacks pop into your head, allow them to happen without judgement. Observe yourself with understanding.

Getting support from a counsellor or psychotherapist is an effective way of overcoming issues related to  hinderances in getting important tasks done.

What My Study Motivation Coaching Sessions offer:

  • Individual Personality Assessment using the Enneagram Method.
  • Identifying emotions / thoughts and bodily sensations that precede distractive thoughts.
  • Identifying  emotions / thoughts and bodily sensations that cause lack of motivation or feelings of insecurity in getting the assignment done.
  • Assignment-by-assignment emotional guidance.
  • Raising academic performance through time and space planning.

Number of sessions needed and intensity of sessions depend on individual needs.

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