Psychotherapy Vienna for Expat Support

Psychotherapy for Expats in Vienna

Feel empowered and integrated through the support of gestalt therapy. I offer suited to expatriate professionals living in Vienna.

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Holding a professional occupation while having to deal with ones own integration in a foreign city like Vienna is challenging. Such problems are often overlooked. As professionals, it is actually more difficult for us to admit that we also need support.

Vienna, though known to be a cosmopolitan city, is largely german-speaking.  The problems some of us encounter due to language and cultural barriers are real. The feeling of not being integrated is a difficulty that is, for the most part, easily overcome.  We cope by “simply” working hard, playing hard, and making some friends.

Serious problems do arise, however, when one encounters additional stressors, like work stress, life crises, relationship problems, financial difficulty, sexism and racism. The resultant manifests in some people as syndromes like anxiety attacks, depression, sleeplessness and psychosomatic symptoms, etc.

A way to keep afloat is to regain your ground through therapy. It is a holistic, non-pharmacological (and hence healthy) way of finding answers, and ultimately, relief.

To experience the method, or to find out if psychotherapy is a solution for you contact me for a consultation.

About Praxis Nicole Chew-Helbig

I am an expatriate living in Vienna for almost 2 decades now. The work I find myself doing is centered around the needs of expatriate women and men living in this city. Much of the focus centers around cultural adjustment to Vienna’s social and working environment, motivation to get work done, and building up of self confidence.

psychotherapy for expatsNicole Chew-Helbig, B.A.pth.
Psychotherapeutin in Ausbildung unter Supervision. See my Professional Listing on
Native English-speaking expatriate psychotherapist & Gestalt therapist, offering psychotherapy in English language.

Commitment-free first 30 min mini-session / consultation.

My Fees

Individual Therapy : EUR 50-75 for 45 min Session.

Couples Therapy: EUR 80 per couple for 45 min Session.

Gestalt Coaching: EUR 50-75 for 45 min Session.

Therapeutic Support Group: EUR 25-35 for 90 minute Session.

How to Contact Me

Psychotherapy in Vienna, 1020 Wien


Psychotherapy in English in ViennaAddress: Gr. Stadtgutgasse 34  2 / 4, 1020 Vienna, Austria.
Public Transport: by U-Bahn U2 to Tabostraße (exit Novaragasse) or U1&2 to Praterstern (exit Heinestraße).
Accessible by Wheelchair.