How can Psychotherapy via Internet help you? 

Need assistance? Here’s how to get professional psychotherapy via Internet. Online consultations are available in the form of video call via Skype or Whatsapp, and via Email. Have confidential sessions in the secure space of your own home.

psychotherapy via internet

I am trained as a Gestalt therapist in Vienna, Austria. I am still based in the city of Vienna and am a listed psychotherapist in education under supervision here.  As a gestalt therapist I belong to a tradition of professionals dedicated to the craft of therapeutic contact through dialogue.

“Had I a choice, I would like to meet all my clients every session in-person.  Limited as we are with time and space, I am thankful for living in today’s world of WiFi communication. I am hence pleased to offer immediate psychological support to you through psychotherapy via internet.” Nicole Chew-Helbig

How to Contact me for psychotherapy via internet

How Psychotherapy via Skype (Video) Works

  1. Contact me using this contact form, or leave a message on my phone +436769006859.
  2.  I’ll reply to your message, ask you for your credentials and we’ll set a time to talk over Skype.
  3.  The sessions start on time as planned.
  4. The duration of each session is 45-50 minutes.
  5. Payment for each session is done after the session end, via Paypal.
  6. Each session costs SGD 128 or EUR 80 or USD 90.

My therapy via Skype is available only to clients outside the EU.

How Consultation via Email Works

  1. Contact me using this contact form, or leave a message on my phone +436769006859.
  2.  I’ll reply to your message, ask you for your credentials.
  3.  When I get your agreement, I’ll send you y payment request via paypal.
  4. You may send your questions for my feedback/support/response.
  5. Once I get your payment, you will receive from me a message as consultation for your questions.
  6. Each session costs SGD 30 or EUR 20 or USD 30.

My consultation via Email is available only in English.

Psychotherapy involves healing through dialogue.

Do you remember times when you felt really bad, and all you needed was someone there to listen? Perhaps you have landed on this page because you are experiencing difficult feelings — emotional or physical discomfort or pain– that you cannot put aside on your own will. Getting help could be in the form of psychotherapy via Skype.

Working through locked-up emotions, coming to terms with painful memories, working through obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, depression, fatigue, dealing with loss, etc. empowers you with a self-awareness that is life-changing.

Some benefits of psychotherapy via internet

While there are limitations to not having a therapist working with you in-person, there are benefits to having therapy over the internet:

  • You get to work with the therapist of your choice from a remote location.
  • You are not limited to therapists in your area.
  • You save time and costs of commuting to and from the therapists’ office.
  • You get to work with a therapist in the comfort and privacy of your home.