Professional Certificates – Nicole Chew-Helbig

Mag Pth. in Psychotherapy Science

Magistra der Psychotherapiewissenschaft by the Austrian Authority. Download.

2019 from Sigmund Freud University, Vienna Austria. Final thesis download. Transcript.

BA Pth. in Psychotherapy Science

2017 from Sigmund Freud University, Vienna Austria. Certificate Downloadable. Transcripts downloadable. Final thesis download.


2019 The IV International Conference on Research of Gestalt Psychotherapy in Santiago de Chile, from May 29 to June 1, 2019 and the venue will be at the ICON Hotel and Convention Center. This Conference is designed to present and promote Gestalt Psychotherapy Research throughout the world. See program and certificate

2019, Budapest. EAGT Gestalt Conference 2019 An Experiential Exploration: The Fertile Void and Creative Indifference . Certificate of Attendance.

Certification in Trauma treatment

2019Complex Trauma Certification Training Level 1 CCTP-I & CCTP-II. Faculty: Janina Fisher.


2019 – EMDR in ACTION Step by Step Masterclass. Faculty: Deany Laliotis.


2019 – Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, Step by Step: Master the body-oriented approach to trauma and stress disorders. Certificates:  

2019 – Applying the Polyvagal Theory to Improve Client Outcomes. Certificates:


2014, Croatia – Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles ( GATLA) European Summer Residential, Basic Group. Transcript download.

2015, Slovenia & 2016, Portugal, GATLA European Summer Residential, Advanced Group, Transcript download.

2015, Slovenia, GATLA European Summer Residential, Couples Therapy Workshop

2017, Ireland & 2018, Poland, GATLA European Summer Residential, Advanced Intensive Group. Transcript download.

2019 (upcoming), Italy, GATLA European Summer Residential, Clinical Practicum Group.

2018, Vienna – IG Wien Workshop : Drinnen & Draußen Workshop. Certificate of Attendance.

2012-2015, Germany, Seekers After Truth Workshop : Claudio Naranjo Program. Attendance Certification SAT 1-3, SAT 4


1994, Singapore – BSc Biochemistry(Honors), Microbiology, Physiology from the National University of Singapore , Singapore. Certificate downloadable.