Mental Wellness Programs for Organizations / Groups

Our services for working with groups within organizations. This page is updated based on ongoing changes in the work climate.

One-on-one self-awareness sessions for employers and executives

This service provides the organization with support for employers and employees to deal with stresses related to the work and work-home environment. The sessions can be held onsite or online.

On sign-up, the company books a slot of minimum 3 consecutive 50-minute sessions with 10 minute break in-between to switch. Maximum consecutive slots is 6.

One-on-one Sessions 50-minsFee (SGD)
3-session block (minimum) Total 3 hrs810
additional 50-min session+250
on-site charge+100

Mental Wellness Workshops for Organization/Groups

The group workshop is a mental wellness service provided to organizations for the benefit of their workforce. These programs are interactive in nature and are designed to support the employees with self-awareness to alleviate stress and to proactively prevent burnout syndrome.

Sessions are available on-site or online.

Group Workshops (90 minutes)Fee (SGD)
90-min Session (up to 10 pax)550
additional 10 pax for 90-min session+200
additional 30 mins+200
additional therapist+50% of total
on-site charge+100

Cancellation policy:

Cancellation and rescheduling of planned sessions will not be charged if the Gestalt Singapore is informed at least 10 working days prior to the date of the session. Fees will be chargeable if sessions are cancelled or rescheduled within 10 days prior to the planned date of the session.

In the event of no show by the assigned client(s), the vacant slot can be replaced either by another client of the same company, or left vacant. Slots left vacant will not be replaced once the time for the assigned session is up.

In the event that the assigned therapist needs to cancel the session, Gestalt Singapore will reschedule that session and/or provide a substitute therapist.

Payment terms:

Before session start.