Langberg: Understanding Complex Childhood Trauma and Treatment

Diane Langberg gives a lecture on Complex Trauma, or childhood trauma, which really is childhood experiences of abuse, neglect, betrayal and isolation. Complex, childhood trauma, is not usually acknowledged by the individuals affected by them. Children exposed to trauma are betrayed by the very people they are dependent on for love. They are, as Langberg describes it, marinated in trauma. As adults, these individuals come to our psychotherapy practice because of other symptoms, like depression, panic disorder or psychosomatic pain. 

Langberg provides an explanation of what complex trauma is, how different it is from — and how it is related to–  PTSD. 

Watch this video of Langberg’s lecture.


I have sketched down notes on this lecture so for quick reviewing of the content, and against the possibility that the video becomes no longer available.

Counselling Victims of Sexual Abuse

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