What can you expect from our Therapy sessions?

As a client in my practice, you can expect to work with your emotions, somatic reactions (body movements, feelings that emerge in your body), and intellectual learning (psycho-education). I will lead you towards focus in the here-and-now, to enable you to be more aware of your personality function. Through the observance of the present moment, we may find evidences of how unfinished past experiences and traumas affect how you react to your environment.  These often lead to awareness of your patterns of relating to others and also to yourself. With awareness, you may be invited to experiment with new ways of being.  Ultimately you will come to realize paths untrodden,  and have the empowerment to exercise your options.

gestalt therapyLike many gestalt therapists, I believe in creativity. Your process will be as interesting as your interest takes you. It is through creativity that something new emerges.

How well you develop through your therapy depends also on you. Our work is dialogical, horizontal and contactful.

We would access regularly your goals in psychotherapy. You can expect changes to take place in stages. Shifts occur in small steps, the way  shapes in kaleidoscopes change with tiny movements.

Expect therapy to take a number of sessions. The change you achieve through gestalt therapy is holistic, happens in baby steps and lasts a lifetime.

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About me

Nicole Chew-Helbig (Mag. pth.) is Singaporean (b.1969), psychotherapist and counselor in Singapore. She has got an Austrian Magistra der Psychotherapiewissenschaft (Masters in Psychotherapy Science) from the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna,  Austria. 

More about Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt psychotherapy is a method of psychotherapy that is recognized and valued internationally since it’s founding in the 1960’s by founder Fritz & Lore Perls &  Paul Goodman.   It is also a method that is ever-evolving with the times, renewing itself constantly with the culture of the present day society.

Here is an advanced-level explanation of Gestalt Therapy by Dr. Robert W. Resnick.

  “The relationship is not as important as the research shows but what happens in the relationship. When there is an interaction between therapist and client.”

The pillars of Gestalt therapy is wonderfully described in this video created by mentor and friend, Liv Estrup. Gestalt therapy is a rich integration of philosophy encompassing: Kurt Lewin’s Field Theory, Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenology, Moreno’s Psychodrama, Tillich & Buber’s Existentialism, Gestalt psychology, Zen Buddhism, Judaism, and Psychoanalysis.

I am proud to be part of this international society of psychotherapists, devoted to the profession that exists with a main motivation to holistically heal individuals through contact with the psyche.

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