“How much do Psychotherapy Sessions cost?” and other questions.

Individual Psychotherapy Sessions 45-50 minutes.

DAY / Time-SlotsFEES / 50min Session (SGD)
Weekdays, 11h-17h190 (171 in blocks of 10)
Weekdays, 8h-10h, 18h-20h250 (225 in blocks of 10)
Saturday 0900, 1015, 1130, 1245, 1400250 (225 in blocks of 10)
Sunday & Public Holiday (Emergency only)350

Group Psychotherapy Sessions

Group therapy is effective and fun. These are especially great for individuals who would like to learn more about themselves and their relationships. These Groups are subject to space availability. Please contact me if you have interest in joining a group. As a practice, you would join a therapy group with members that you do not previously know.

DescriptionFEES / 90min Session (SGD)
Self-Awareness & Mindfulness Group48
Mixed-Group for Seniors and Friends48
Open group for Students and Friends48


“How do I make a first appointment?”

Make Appointment

“When do I pay the therapy fees?”

Fees are paid at the beginning of the session, or on online appointment booking.

“What if I am late for an appointment?”

Do SMS me to tell me that you’ll be late. You are paying for the therapy within the hour agreed. If you come late, we’ll still have to end on time. I advise all clients to come on time.

“What if I need to cancel or postpone an appointment?”

Every time you book an appointment with me, I reserve the room and my time at your service. You’ll have to give me 48 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or postpone an appointment.

Cancellation time% of fee payable
Before 48 hours before appointment0%
After 48 hours & before 24 hours to appointment50%
After 24 hours before appointment100%
“What if I need to cancel or postpone an appointment because of illness?”

Please cancel your session in advance if you feel remotely ill. Do not hesitate to cancel the appointment. If you present a medical certificate from your medical doctor, I will waive your fee. If your dependent is ill, please also present to me his/her medical certificate, and I will waive your fee.

“What if I want to discontinue therapy?”

Therapy will come to an end at some point. If you decide to discontinue the therapy which we have started, let me know of your need to do so. We will then move the work towards the closing phase of therapy. This is an important aspect of therapy, where everything gained will be reviewed and integrated. Gestalt Therapy is a process that continues long after the last session has ended. It is to your benefit to have this ending phase.

“New things are happening in my life, what if I want to return to therapy?”

You are more than welcome.