Organizational Development for Companies

Programs for Companies and Organizations

I offer a humanistic approach to organizational development.

The approach is dialogical and experimental. The sessions are designed to be effective, motivating and fun, i.e. no powerpoint.

The goal is in achieving a harmonious work environment, where each individual in the company can thrive along with the organization. Harmony in the workplace reduces work-related anxiety, stress and burnout.

I work with each organization on strictly confidential basis.

Types of Programs Offered

These programs are tailored to the companies’ needs.

Executive CareRegular mental wellness individual and/or group sessions for executives and directors.
Negotiation SkillsExperiential sessions focussed on specific issues that arise at work and how to negotiate differences effectively.
Conflict ResolutionExperiential sessions focussed on specific instances of inter-personal / inter-departmental conflict that arise at work.
Company RetreatsWholistic program to boost morale of employees.

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