Connecting Emotionally in #COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, #covid-19, the world encounters a situation that is unprecedented.

Social distancing and separation are a big part of what is needed to deal with the pandemic. This, however, creates a conflict between measures urgently needed for human physical healing (from the virus infection), and human emotional healing (from the trauma of feeling vulnerable to the pandemic).

In situations of uncertainty, our nervous systems instinctively need our human social support. We need to connect with others. The covid-19 situation forces us to go beyond our instincts. Physical social isolation is now urgently required because our real priority now is to help each other stay alive.

The best we can do for those who need support…

  • Spend time in communication with each other through voice and video. The human voice is a transmitter of empathy.
  • When listening to someone in distress, just listen. Validate their feelings.
  • Try to forgo your own urge to “make them feel better” by giving advice.
  • Breathe and be calm yourself.
  • Enjoy the presence (even if online) of each other.
  • When all is calm, reminisce, talk about hobbies, make plans for the future.

We are each other’s best healers.

Let’s look forward to the future.

Online Psychotherapy Contact

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Fee for each 50-min session is USD 140 or SGD 190.

About Me

Nicole Chew-Helbig (Mag. pth.) is Singaporean (b.1969), psychotherapist and counselor in Singapore. She has got an Austrian Magistra der Psychotherapiewissenschaft (Masters in Psychotherapy Science) from the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna,  Austria, where she is currently a doctoral candidate involved in Psychotherapy research. She is a certified psychotherapist (Gestalt) in Austria, with a rich experience in clinical psychotherapy and trauma Psychotherapy, from her work at the Sigmund Freud University Outpatient Clinic in Vienna. Her psychotherapeutic approach is Gestalt therapy, which she was introduced to in 2012-2015 through the Seekers After Truth (SAT) program led by Dr. Claudio Naranjo.  Her license is earned from Vienna, Austria, under the training of Institut für Integrative Gestattherapie Wien (IGWien). Her mentors are cross-cultural. Nicole is also trained under the Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles  (GATLA) led by Dr. Robert Resnick.

Nicole is also an alumnus of the National University of Singapore, having earned an Honors degree in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine in 1993. Nicole’s practice is friendly towards migrant, expatriate, aged and LGBTQ populations. Her personal background is multi-cultural. Her work is religion- and culture-conscious. Face-to-face counseling & psychotherapy is located in Singapore. Psychotherapy via internet / Skype is available.