Confidentiality in Psychotherapy

A brief note on confidentiality in psychotherapy

Confidentiality is important in psychotherapy not only because it is your right to be protected. It is more than that. Confidentiality, security and trust is part of the treatment process of psychotherapy.

I am, by ethical code and law of the profession of psychotherapy in Austria, with the exception of threat-to-life situations, obligated to protection of the confidentiality of all my past and present clients. Client security is important to me. Your records are thus only seen by me (and my successor, a registered therapist in the EU who is bounded by the same law). I do not engage administrators or receptionists to work in my practice. In accordance with EU data protection law, your therapy data with me is protected.

Practicing in Singapore, I am also bounded by law of the state. Unless there is a real threat to life or limb, confidentiality is strictly upheld.