Comprehensive Psychotherapeutic Interventions Rating Scale (CPIRS)

The Comprehensive Psychotherapeutic Interventions Rating Scale (CPIRS) was designed to study different orientations of psychotherapy used in researched practices. It is a way to measure treatment adherence and/or treatment differentiation.

Psychotherapeutic methods described in this scale

Client Centered, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, group psychodynamic, and systemic orientations are included in the CPIRS.

Apart from these orientations, interventions and attitudes derived from common factors are included. The scale is also useful in determining how far the treatment is eclectic/integrative or pure form.

Items of the Interventions Rating Scale


Validity Studies

3 Studies were carried out, that are also presented in this article to validate this scale.

The first 2 studies indicated unconvincing differentiation between psychodynamic therapies and experiential therapies studied.  The differentiation was clearer in the third study.

General Conclusion


Trijsburg, R. W., Frederiks, G. C., Gorlee, M., Klouwer, E., den Hollander, A. M., & Duivenvoorden, H. J. (2002). Development of the comprehensive psychotherapeutic interventions rating scale (CPIRS). Psychotherapy Research12(3), 287-317.

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