Invitation to Participate in Group Sessions: FREE-TO-BE-ME

Starting soon in Singapore. 90-min group therapy sessions themed “Free to be me”.

Join this series of experiential group sessions of self-expression.
Feel what it is like to really be yourself in the presence of others.
Experience what it is like to move, talk and laugh like yourself.
Discover the different aspects of your personality.
Uncover your sensuality.
Express yourself creatively.
Be in contact with like-minded others.

Why you need this?

Maybe you don’t. You’re fine. You work hard and play hard. You wear many hats in your life. You’re a parent, a child, a sibling, a colleague, a lover, a friend, a spouse… the list goes on. As you tune into yourself, who is that person you are meeting?

What happens in these sessions?

We work relationally. We make contact with one another. We make contact with ourselves. We do this through dialogue. We communicate verbally and and also non-verbally. We move. We create art.

Who is invited to join?

Interested persons of any gender, marital status or cultural background, age 22 and above.

What is the benefit of participating?

I am bringing this powerful self enrichment sessions to Singapore which is common in some cities in Europe for an affordable fee. Participants who attend this group regularly benefit from attainment of self agency, ability to build better relationships, better health. All this is possible through the connection to a professionally guided, self-supporting group to face challenges life throws at you.

How much does it cost?

Price per session is SGD 48 per person.

Where? When?

At Nicole’s practice in #08-14 Peninsula Plaza, Singapore, and various clubs in SG. You can expect bi-monthly sessions for each group. Places are limited to 12 per group. Group and placement availability will be advised on registration.

Please contact me for registration and information.

gestalt group psychotherapy session singapore

About me

Nicole Chew-Helbig (Mag. pth.) is Singaporean (b.1969) and is a Austria-licensed gestalt psychotherapist and counselor in Singapore.