Invitation to Participate in Group Sessions: FREE-TO-BE-ME

Starting soon in Singapore. 90-min group therapy sessions themed “Free to be me”.

Join this series of experiential group sessions of self-expression.
Feel what it is like to really be yourself in the presence of others.
Experience what it is like to move, talk and laugh like yourself.
Discover the different aspects of your personality.
Uncover your sensuality.
Express yourself creatively.
Be in contact with like-minded others.

Why this program?

I am glad to introduce this powerful self-enrichment program to Singapore at an affordable fee. Programs such as these are already available in many European cities, and are popular. Participants who attend these sessions regularly benefit from attainment of self agency, ability to build better relationships, better health. They gain resilience to face the challenges life throws at them.

You work hard and play hard. You wear many hats in your life. You’re a parent, a grandparent, a child, a sibling, a colleague, a partner, a friend, a spouse… the list goes on. These hats look great on you. Wearing them all day, however, can also be stressful. There are many expectations to meet. At the end of the day, you want to take your hats off, and take a break. Most of us have become so accustomed to our roles, we need to learn again what it is like to simply be “me”.

What happens in these sessions?

Participants come together in a casual, friendly atmosphere. There will be checking-in, dialogue and music. This is the time for you to allow yourself to be creative. To explore, at your own pace, new movements, new thoughts, ways of being. There will be music, sometimes we’ll provide pencils and paper for creating art during the session. Participants will be guided to look deep into their inner selves and create something. Creating as a group can bring surprises. What emerges during a session belongs to the individuals in the group. We get to feel different emotions of wonderment, tears as well as lots of laughter. At the end of each session, participants gain insight into themselves, get to know other creative people, and most importantly, feel a new sense of relaxation in their bodies.

What are the known benefits?

  • make new friends,
  • better feeling in the body,
  • new awareness in the body,
  • less tension,
  • less loneliness,
  • be more socially confident,
  • gain new ideas,
  • sleep better.

Who is invited to join?

Interested persons of any gender, marital status or cultural background, age 22 and above. Come with your curiosity.

How much does it cost? Price per session is SGD 48 per person.

How long is each session? 90 minutes

How frequent can I attend the sessions?

You can attend as many sessions as you need. Each session is unique because of the uniqueness of the situation and people attending the sessions.

Where? When?

At Nicole’s practice, and various clubs in Singapore. You can expect weekly or bi-monthly (2x a month) sessions for each group.

Please contact me for registration and information.

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About me

Nicole Chew-Helbig (Mag. pth.) is Singaporean (b.1969) and is a Austria-licensed gestalt psychotherapist and counselor in Singapore.