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Supporting you and your loved ones with Psychotherapy and Counseling in Singapore. Gestalt therapy is an effective treatment for overcoming challenging psychological, personality and relationship issues. Gain emotional resilience and essential skills through these sessions and attain mental wellness for life.

Your therapy sessions are designed to be holistic, experiential and motivating. Each session is tailor-made to suit your needs. Sessions involve psycho-education, free associations and many opportunities for experiments with thoughts, behaviors, body movements and ideas. As the therapeutic process unfolds, I may incorporate the use of creative media like art and music, dreams and body work to sharpen awareness. My work centers around your therapy goals, and your search for answers and resolutions to often difficult questions.

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Services I provide:

Ages I work with:

  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Elders

Client concerns I am treating:

Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Mood instability

Burnout Prevention / Caregiver Stress

Compulsions & Behavioral Addictions

Life Transitions / Crisis

Grief & Loss

Aggression and Violence

Separation, Divorce, Infidelity issues

Sexuality / Sexual issues

Borderline Personality

Trauma & Dissociation

Sleep disorders / nightmares

Chronic Pain & Psychosomatics

Living with Illness & Disability

Eating and Food Issues

Support for weaning off psychiatric medication

Areas of special interest & research:

Anxiety & depression, Adult sufferers of childhood trauma. Complex Trauma. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Taking antidepressants or anti-psychotics? For support in coming off psychiatric drugs safely and downloadable ebook, please read here.

I provide a secure space for you. Confidentiality is safeguarded in my practice.

Numbers to call in case of emergency (in Singapore only).

Address: 20 Upper Circular Road, #01-13, The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416

Public transportation: Clarke Quay MRT Station (1 min), Raffles Place and City Hall MRT Station.


To make an appointment or to enquire about psychotherapy or counseling, contact me.


I believe in a cross-cultural Psychotherapeutic attitude

Coming from a multi-cultural background myself, I am aware of issues pertaining to cultural differences.

Psychotherapy for expat community as well as migrant community in Singapore. I provide psychotherapy in German. In other foreign languages, I work well with translator. My therapy method is accessible to anyone regardless of verbal language hinderances.

About Me

Nicole Chew-Helbig (Mag. pth.) is Singaporean (b.1969), psychotherapist and counselor in Singapore. She has got an Austrian Magistra der Psychotherapiewissenschaft (Masters in Psychotherapy Science) from the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna,  Austria, where she is currently a doctoral candidate involved in Psychotherapy research. She is a certified psychotherapist (Gestalt) in Austria, with a rich experience in clinical psychotherapy and trauma Psychotherapy, from her work at the Sigmund Freud University Outpatient Clinic in Vienna. Her psychotherapeutic approach is Gestalt therapy, which she was introduced to in 2012-2015 through the Seekers After Truth (SAT) program led by Dr. Claudio Naranjo.  Her license is earned from Vienna, Austria, under the training of Institut für Integrative Gestattherapie Wien (IGWien). Her mentors are cross-cultural. Nicole is also trained under the Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles  (GATLA) led by Dr. Robert Resnick.

Nicole is also an alumnus of the National University of Singapore, having earned an Honors degree in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine in 1993. Nicole’s practice is friendly towards migrant, expatriate, aged and LGBTQ populations. Her personal background is multi-cultural. Her work is religion- and culture-conscious. Face-to-face counseling & psychotherapy is located in Singapore. Psychotherapy via internet / Skype is available.

Professional Memberships: 
Singapore Psychological Society, Full Member
Association for Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore, level 4s, 
Singapore Association for Counselling, Clinical Member

What is Psychotherapy?

“Therapy” is from the Latin word therapīa, from Ancient Greek θεραπεία (therapeía, “service, medical treatment”), from θεραπεύω (therapeúō, “I serve, treat medically”).  It is an attempted remediation of a health problem following a diagnosis, usually synonymous with treatment.

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“Psychotherapy” is the treatment of the emotional, physical, relational aspects (i.e. the bio-psycho-social parts) of an individual through the treatment of the psyche.

There are many different psychotherapeutic methods. I am a fully accredited gestalt therapist with IGWien, Vienna. I train with gestalt therapists from Europe and America. I am also an active researcher in gestalt psychotherapy.

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A short introduction to Gestalt Therapy by my friend, Liv.

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