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Nicole Chew-Helbig, B.A.pth.
Psychotherapeutin in Ausbildung unter Supervision. See my Professional Listing on
Native English-speaking expatriate psychotherapist & Gestalt therapist, offering psychotherapy in English language.

Supporting you with Psychotherapy in English (native) and German for individuals and groups.

Is Gestalt psychotherapy a therapeutic method for you? Contact me to find out.

I use gestalt therapy philosophy and methods. As a gestalt therapist, incorporate the use of creative media like art and music. Your therapy sessions are designed  to be motivating. Each session is tailor-made to suit your needs in the here-and-now of the therapy session. My approach centers around your therapy goals, and the search for answers.

Commitment-free first 30 min mini-session / consultation.

My Fees:

Individual Therapy : EUR 50-75 for 45 min Session.

Couples Therapy: EUR 80 per couple for 45 min Session.

Gestalt Coaching: EUR 50-75 for 45 min Session.

Therapeutic Support Group: EUR 25-35 for 90 minute Session.

How to Contact Me for Psychotherapy in English

Psychotherapy in Vienna, 1020 Wien

Psychotherapy in English in Vienna
Therapy Room

Address: Gr. Stadtgutgasse 34  2 / 4, 1020 Vienna, Austria.
Public Transport: by U-Bahn U2 to Tabostraße (exit Novaragasse) or U1&2 to Praterstern (exit Heinestraße).
Accessible by Wheelchair.

What is Psychotherapy?

“Therapy” is from the Latin word therapīa, from Ancient Greek θεραπεία (therapeía, “service, medical treatment”), from θεραπεύω (therapeúō, “I serve, treat medically”).  It is an attempted remediation of a health problem following a diagnosis, usually synonymous with treatment.

“Psychotherapy” is the treatment of the emotional, physical, relational aspects (i.e. the bio-psycho-social parts) of an individual through the treatment of the psyche.

There are many different psychotherapeutic methods. My method involves  a dialogical approach to healing. This means that the therapeutic work involves a special kind of conversation between the client and the therapist. Through the therapeutic dialogue, the client gains insight into the self. Lasting change happen through this process.

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My Areas of Interest as Psychotherapist

Social Phobia. Anxiety & Panic. Depression & Emotional Dysregulation. Psychosomatic pain & symptoms. Borderline Personality / Self-harmChildhood Trauma. Addictive behaviors (gaming/ gambling/media/shopping addiction).  Relationship Difficulties / Abusive Relationships.  Couples Counseling.

More information

What can you get from your therapy sessions?

My approach to couples therapy and marriage counseling.

Psychotherapy supporting Expats in Vienna.

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Therapy via Internet is available for clients outside the EU.