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I use gestalt therapy philosophy and methods. As a gestalt therapist, I focus on the therapeutic relationship, phenomenology and dialogue. Your therapy sessions are designed to be holistic, experiential and motivating. Each session is tailor-made to suit your needs in the here-and-now of the therapy session. Sessions may include psycho-education, especially for trauma survivors. As the therapeutic process unfolds, I may incorporate the use of creative media like art and music, dreams and body work to sharpen awareness. My approach centers around your therapy goals, and the search for answers to often very difficult questions.

Note: I’m currently fully booked, and will not be able to take on new clients for the moment.

Coming Soon to Singapore in October 2019!

Psychotherapy in the Central District in Singapore

How to Contact Me for Psychotherapy in Singapore

Address: 111 North Bridge Road #08-14, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098
Accessible by Wheelchair.

What is Psychotherapy?

“Therapy” is from the Latin word therapīa, from Ancient Greek θεραπεία (therapeía, “service, medical treatment”), from θεραπεύω (therapeúō, “I serve, treat medically”).  It is an attempted remediation of a health problem following a diagnosis, usually synonymous with treatment.

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“Psychotherapy” is the treatment of the emotional, physical, relational aspects (i.e. the bio-psycho-social parts) of an individual through the treatment of the psyche.

There are many different psychotherapeutic methods. I am a gestalt therapist by training and licensing. I train with gestalt therapists from Europe and America. I am also an active researcher in gestalt psychotherapy.

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My Areas of Interest as Psychotherapist

I am a clinical practitioner, working with individuals suffering symptoms of anxiety & panic, depression, psychosomatic pain (e.g. back pain, migraines, paralysis), psychological aid with somatic symptoms (like diabetes, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome). Clients with tendency to self harm and are struggling with addictive behaviors (gaming/ gambling/media/shopping addiction) are welcome. 

Areas of special interest & research:

Adult sufferers of childhood trauma. Complex Trauma. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Why begin treatment early.

Here are some reasons that may interest you to begin treatment:

Difficulty with sleep. Certain addictive behaviors keeping you from living harmoniously. Obsessive behavior and/or thoughts. Difficulty in finding the right partner. Anxiety and panic feelings that occur with no known cause. You notice repeating patterns in your relationships that negatively affect your life. Feeling hopelessness. Crying without known cause. Having uncontrollable rage. Not being able to recover from a life crisis. Pain that medical doctors cannot diagnose. Unhealthy relationship with food / exercise.

Psychotherapy is most effective as a measure to prevent a psychological breakdown, and/or irreversible breakdown in relationships. These situations do not occur overnight, but develop over years. When symptoms are less severe, the client’s response to therapy is speedier. The sooner help is administered, the sooner one gets back to optimal living.

“I need help, but I’m afraid others might find out…”

I am, by ethical code and law of the profession of psychotherapy in the Austria, with the exception of threat-to-life situations, obligated to protection of the confidentiality of all my past and present clients.

“I need help, but cannot afford the full fee…”

If you need special financial assistance, here are options:

  1. I devote 5 hours of my work per week to therapy with individuals with real economic hardship. Space is, however, limited, because my resources are. *If you’re keen to be a patron of a client in need, I will be grateful*.
  2. An alternative for those who have limited financial resources, is to join one of my group therapy sessions.
  3. Yet another alternative for subsidized therapy sessions is to be part of research. Contact me for information.

All therapy given my me, regardless of financial assistance, afford my fullest regard and confidential.


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