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This site is a curated collection of notes and posts, an online resource for practitioners and enthusiasts of psychotherapy and counselling. Feel free to browse around and share. Don’t forget to cite whenever you repost!

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What is really important to me, is to understand. For me, writing is the integral part 
of this process of understanding. […] writing establishes certain things. If I manage 
to process my thoughts adequately in writing, that satisfies me. […] I do not see 
myself as influential […] I see myself as somewhat of an onlooker. For if others 
understand the same way I've understood, that gives me a sense of satisfaction, like 
being among equals.

Hannah Arendt in Arendt (1964)

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Academic articles that are easiest to read are the hardest to write. Writing creatively and reflexively is a humbling experience of introspection. For the researcher to be vulnerable to the work, it takes courage.

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A short introduction to Gestalt Therapy by my friend, Liv.

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